Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits - Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits. Find information on help with ghosts, help with spirits, how to get rid of ghosts, how to get rid of spirits, i have ghosts, help with ghosts, help with spirits, getting rid of ghosts, getting rid of spirits, get rid of ghosts, haunted houses, hauntings, ghosts, spirits, ghost, entities, poltergeists, demons, spirit cleansing, ghost info, dealing with ghosts, haunted house, ghosts, spirits, demons, hauntings and MUCH more!
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Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits - Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits. Find information on help with ghosts, help with spirits, how to get rid of ghosts, how to get rid of spirits, i have ghosts, help with ghosts, help with spirits, getting rid of ghosts, getting rid of spirits, get rid of ghosts, haunted houses, hauntings, ghosts, spirits, ghost, entities, poltergeists, demons, spirit cleansing, ghost info, dealing with ghosts, haunted house, ghosts, spirits, demons, hauntings and MUCH more!

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Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits - Help I Have Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Haunted Houses - How To Get Rid Of Ghosts And Spirits. Find information on help with ghosts, help with spirits, how to get rid of ghosts, how to get rid of spirits, i have ghosts, help with ghosts, help with spirits, getting rid of ghosts, getting rid of spirits, get rid of ghosts, haunted houses, hauntings, ghosts, spirits, ghost, entities, poltergeists, demons, spirit cleansing, ghost info, dealing with ghosts, haunted house, ghosts, spirits, demons, hauntings and MUCH more!
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Help I Have Ghosts! How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

If you are experiencing unexplainable things that you feel may be attributed to ghosts or other paranormal activity and you would like to like more information about having the SHGHRS possibly conduct a free investigation, please Click Here to request an investigation and we will be happy to contact you and arrange a free confidential consultation and a possible investigation. Otherwise, you will find answers to most of your general questions throughout our website and our forums. If you just have a TRUE ghost story you would like to share, please Click Here to go to our forums. Once you have registered you may post your story in an appropriate thread at our forums, which will most likely be in either the "True Ghost Stories Only" or "Help, I Think I have Ghosts" threads, depending on your situation. Be sure to visit our forums often after you post your story, because other members will most likely comment on your story and/or offer advice and solutions to you.

A Few Questions And Answers About

Our Consultations And Investigations

How much do you charge?

To do a complete and thorough investigation there is a great deal of time and research work involved as well as a few small expenses, but usually we simply do it for the experience and information that we will gain from the investigation, so in most cases our consultations and investigations are free of charge. However, we do accept donations that will help pay for video tapes, batteries, audio tapes, travel expenses and equipment. Depending on the circumstances, such as travel distance to the location, we may ask that our costs be paid, but we never charge for the sake of profit.

What do you do during the consultation?

Normally a couple of our members will travel to the location and interview the concerned party as well as anyone else who resides or frequents the location. During the interview we will ask them a few questions and take notes in order to gain a little more insight and information about the structure/location. The information gained here will help us get a better understanding about the events that have taken place, the history of the structure/location and give us some sort of idea as to what type of spirits may be residing there, so we can start a profile on the spirit. We may also take a few initial instrument readings and take a few pictures.

What will you do during the investigation?

Initially our team will go to the location (preferably between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM) and we will take various instrument readings, take photos with various types of cameras, collect video footage and take audio recordings. While doing so, one of our team members will be keeping a log of all activity and recording data. After the initial investigation of the location we will study all the data collected and fill out a very thorough investigation report of our findings, in which we will send a copy to the concerned party. (See "Ghost Hunting Methods" for more information)

What do you do after the investigation?

If we determine that there is a good indication of ghost activity, we will give the concerned party the option of having us do further study of the location, in terms of more onsite investigations, further research into the history of the location and research of past residents and owners. This additional research all contributes to the further profiling of the spirit(s), which will help us find answers as to what type of spirits reside at the location, who the spirits may have been if they were once among the living and help us find possible solutions for stopping the ghost activity.

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Ghosts

To the best of our knowledge, there is no proven, surefire way to get unwanted ghosts and spirits to leave a given area. At this time, we personally feel that a lot of the suggested "religious" methods you will hear about for doing so, are based more on superstitions, old wise tales and Hollywood movies than anything. However, we also feel that if there is any chance at all for solutions, such as holy water, crosses, prayers, exorcisms, telling the spirit to "go into the light" and the likes to work, it would rely entirely on an individuals strong, personal beliefs. Not just the act of going through the motions or having someone else do so. Many also claim that unless the spirit itself was a christian in life, these types of things would not have any effect and in fact could make matters worse.

In the same token, we do not know for a fact whether or not any of the methods, which many ghost and paranormal research organizations suggest, work either. The Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society is not in the business of "Ghost Busting", but we do feel that if individuals who are experiencing ghostly activity are able to learn who the spirits "may" be and why they "might" be there, it "may" be a step in the right direction towards learning how to rid the location of the activity. Helping individuals try to learn answers to these things is a large part of what we do in our research.

At any rate, on this page you will find some common, as well as some "not so common" suggestions for getting rid of ghosts and resolving paranormal activity. We leave it for you to decide what may or may not work for you.

Types Of Spirits

Many suggest that in order to get rid of ghosts, you must first determing what type of spirits they are. Listed below are some suggestions for helping you determine what type of spirit you might have. Be sure to see our "Types Of Spirits" page as well for more information on different kinds of spirits and their characteristics.

Spirits: Feel a cool breeze when no windows are open? Smell a sweet smell or a smell like that of roses or oranges? You most likely have a spirit. Notice I only mentioned things you can feel and smell? Spirits don't have the energy it takes to appear. So you have to rely on your other senses to identify them.

Ghosts: Remember, a ghost was a person and people pretty much retain their full personalities after death. If someone was a complete grumpy jerk in life - they will remain so in death. Ghosts tend to be more attracted to places rather than specific people and they can be downright territorial about those places. In many, many cases, they are just not aware they have passed on. For all the noise and hubbub, a ghost will NOT hurt you. But, by the same token, don't give it the attention it craves or it will get more and more demanding in it's attention getting antics. Also, just like spirits, a ghost will use your energy for themselves to continue manifesting.

Entities: These are the most intense of infestations, and fortunately, very rare. Many people have opinions on what this final level of ghosts are - some people think they are extremely violent individuals, murderers, psychotics, and just plain evil people. I tend to believe that they are something that was never human to begin with. Strangely enough, they are almost exclusively called forth through Ouija Boards, seances, and necromancy ceremonies. If someone else called forth an entity in a home - it can remain dormant for years - even decades - until circumstances are right for it to manifest. It is patient and will wait until it can emerge at it's strongest. It feeds on anger, strive, depression, arguments, and general turmoil. It makes these emotions worse and the worse it can make the situation, the stronger it actually becomes.

How To Tell The Type Of Infestation You Have

Spirits: Spirits do not make noises and are not disruptive. They rarely haunt places and tend to be more attracted to people. They cause little clutter in your daily life and tend to appear when you are stressed or depressed. Strangely enough, I have found that spirits who are haunting you are rarely someone you knew in life. The only reason you don't want a spirit around is in times of stress or depression, a spirit can make matters worse by feeding off your energy and leaving you tired and thus leaving your defenses down. And they won't stop, so before it becomes a problem - better to cleanse your house now.

Ghosts: Ghosts are like Spirits in many ways, they can bring smells with them. Usually oranges or roses. I have also heard of chocolate and baking cookies. You may catch flashes of light out of the corner of your eye. Ghosts tend to have more "personality" than a spirit. You may experience any or all of the following:

Voices out of nowhere.

The feeling someone is watching you.

Footsteps leading into or out of rooms that no one is present in.

An "electric" smell.

Small items moved (favorite items to move are shoes and jewelry).

Lights coming on or going off by themselves.

Electrical appliances coming on by themselves(usually not plugged in).

Phone calls (yes, sometimes they call).

Bed covers moved off you (sometimes jerked right off you).

Touches (light pat on the back, the touch will be warm, never cold).

If you have any or all of these signs of ghost infestation, and you are feeling overly tired or depressed, wanting to keep your drapes and shades drawn and be in the dark, and you are feeling withdrawn and tired all the time, with no good reason, you may be having your energy being sapped by an attention craving ghost. I can not stress enough to have yourself fully checked and given a clean bill of health - if you pass with flying colors - you just might have a ghost.

Do not try to communicate with any presence via a Ouija board or seance and beware of psychics offering to cleanse your home for a fee.

Entities: Often, in the beginning, these are confused with Ghosts. They make noises, project voices, move things, however there is never a pleasant smell with these - even in the beginning. They leave a calling card of an odor not unlike rotten eggs. In addition to all the ghost characteristics above, you can also have any or all of the following:

Bed covers jerked off -usually violently.

Physical damage - slaps, hard pinches, scratches and punches. In rare cases -sexual assault.

Knocks or taps in groups of 3.

Activity will peak at 3:13 in the morning -you may find yourself waking up at that exact time for no reason in the beginning of the infestation.

Scratches in the walls that sound like animals.

Animal noises at night when there are no animals around (dogs fighting, birds screeching or strange sounding birds singing).

Materialization of Black forms usually either a man or a dog. normally accompanied by a foul odor. These forms have no features they look like a solid shadow.

They can remain dormant for many, many years and can suddenly be drawn forward to active duty if there is a general atmosphere of arguments and tension within a family. The Entity will first center on one person in the home, and this person may think they are losing their mind. That is precisely what the entity wants - the more stressed it can make you the more anxious energy it can draw off of you, thus becoming stronger. The person who tends to become withdrawn or depressed in stressful situations is their ideal candidate.

Less Common Suggestions For Gettting

Rid Of Spirits, Ghosts And Entities


Sunlight will diminish a spirit's activity almost immediately. Rosemary works beautifully to render a spirit dormant. If you don't want the dried herbs around - try planting a little. Keep a little potted plant of rosemary in the room that the activity seemed centered around.


Sunlight - sunlight - sunlight - let the light in! Stop acknowledging it and don't talk to it, don't talk about it in your home.. even if it manifests itself right in front of you. If you don't put energy into it - it can't stay. Consider blessing, if you are of a religious nature, consider having the clergyman or religious figure of your choosing bless your home and everyone in it.


Natural light can render the entity dormant if you take measures to clear up your home life too. No more yelling, and work on clearing up problems, and you can stop the problem before it starts. DO NOT throw holy water around your house or attempt any spirit depart rituals by yourself, this will tend to only anger the entity and it will show you precisely how displeased it is with you between midnight and 3am.

The Following Is An Excerpt From "Footsteps in the Attic" by Paul F. Eno. Be sure to visit his website at He seems to be a very educated individual, and very experienced in ghost and paranormal research. He has many different, metaphysical/quantum physics based views and theories on ghosts and the paranormal. I (Aedryan Methyus) personally feel that these sciences may hold the key to learning many secrets about the paranormal as well as the universe in general. Paul Eno states as follows:

If you believe you are having a paranormal problem in your home, here are some steps you should take:

1. Don't jump to conclusions. Always look for everyday explanations for whatever is happening before deciding that you have ghost problems. Consider psychiatric and other health factors as well. (Hearing and seeing things can be a sign of schizophrenia or temporal-lobe epilepsy.) Banging sounds on the walls or in the heating system can have very mundane explanations!

One fascinating explanation for many phenomena are very low-frequency sound waves or "standing waves." Trapped in a building, these can cause many of the phenomena associated with ghosts. These waves are inaudible to humans but not to many animals. In humans, they can cause feelings of cold, nervousness, "hair standing up on the back of the neck," minor poltergeist activity and even your basic apparition.

2. Bear in mind that if what we've said about "quantum reality" is true, every person and every house will experience space-time "glitches" now and then: the occasional shadow seen out of the corner of your eye, or the iron or bit of clothing found now and again where you didn't put it.

Don't let your imagination take over!

Remember, too, that in places where highly traumatic events are occurring in your house in other areas of space-time, you may experience some of the psychic "ripples." Violent deaths, great suffering and other such events that happened or will happen there can affect your reality. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may hear or see things that don't necessarily mean that your house is "haunted" or that you or other household members are the targets of negative entities.

Nevertheless, it's always best to be on the safe side and to do what's suggested below.

It's when these "glitches" begin to rule your everyday life, when you feel threatened by them and/or when entities begin to clearly manifest and interact with you or your family that you have a paranormal problem.

3. If you conclude that you do have such a situation, realize that you and/or one or more household members are part of the problem. Consciously or unconsciously, people in troubled houses always have a part in causing and/or feeding the phenomena. So you need to find what you're doing that's introducing or encouraging negative energy.

4. Then you need to stop it and bring in positive energy to replace it. I find this always eases the situation and often cures it.

Examples of negative energy: using Ouija boards or other occult practices that "open the door" to parasites, negative feelings among those who live in the house (fights, grudges, financial strains, etc.) and the extreme depression or anxiety of you or any other household member.

5. Part of bringing in this positive energy is fostering good feeling, humor, love and other unifying and uplifting factors in your household. Also, good physical exercise and developing healthy interests outside the home will help.

This is always good for a household, whether you have paranormal problems or not.

6. If you do encounter an "orb," entity or other manifestation, try to avoid fear or anger. If it really is a negative entity, this will deny it the negative energy it subsists on. As a matter of fact, always try to send out feelings of love, compassion and peace.

7. In general, however, do not give these entities attention. Do not try to communicate with them: They are not your friends! Don't try to get "chummy" and don't convince yourself to feel comfortable with them around, even if they seem "friendly."

Instead, concentrate on fostering positive energy among the household members.

8. Anytime you are afraid, pray in whatever way is comfortable for you. Visualize yourself, other household members and your home engulfed in a peaceful, positive white light. This will "take the wind" out of a negative manifestation by strengthening you instead of it.

9. This is not advice you often hear in the Western Hemisphere but, when you are afraid, you can call upon your good ancestors (not the horse thieves or mad monarchs) to help protect you and your home. I find that this is a very powerful practice! Each of us is the sum of our ancestors, no matter how far back they go. We are part of them and they are part of us. Since there really is no death, these loved ones are always in some parallel world and there is a bond between you and them. Many are in a position to help.

Call especially on particular loved ones you have known, a beloved grandmother, for example. If you are fortunate enough to have a picture of the person, put it in a prominent place in your home or carry it in your pocket or purse. These people will manifest as quiet and loving presences, and some may be protecting you already. Their presence is a far cry from the cold, sterile and sometimes violent presence of parasites and tulpas.

10. If you belong to a particular religion, praying and using "sacramentals" and sacred objects such as icons, your scriptures or holy water can help. Strange to say, beware of calling in clergy unless you are very sure they can be trusted. Believe it or not, very few of them are trained in how to deal with these phenomena and if they don't know what they're doing they can complicate the situation.

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