Ghost hunter methods, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools, how to hunt ghosts, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools
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Ghost hunter methods, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools, how to hunt ghosts, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools

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Ghost hunter methods, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools, how to hunt ghosts, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter tools
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Ghost Hunting Tips

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This, by no means is a complete list of things to be aware of when ghost hunting, but we have listed a few of the essential things. Be sure to see "Ghost Hunters Protocols" as well.

Also, our special thanks to Matt Ferrell and the rest of the good people of for allowing us the use of some of the information found on this page.


Always check out the area you will be investigating during daylight hours.

Aways tell friends and family members when and where you will be and when you expect to return.

Aways bring at least one cell phone in case there is an emergency.

The following may seem to contradict our present outlook on "Getting Rid Of Ghosts", but we follow the advice of Dave Juliano of when it comes to ghost hunting. He states as follows:

"Enter the site and either privately or as a group ask for blessing or protection for the duration of the hunt. I do encourage everyone to take the 10 seconds this takes and do this. What can it hurt? It's better to be safe than sorry. Many experienced groups believe that there are evil spirits in many areas such as cemeteries and by saying a 10 second prayer you can safely go about your business without worrying about them. An experienced demonologist will tell you that by doing this in the name of God or whatever good deity you worship, you will keep any non human spirits at bay since they have to leave you alone when told so in this manner."

We do not recommend, nor are we suggesting any specific type of weapons, but we personally bring protection along on our investigations. This is not for the fear of ghosts, but people, wild animals and the likes. Gangs and other illegal activity is nothing new to cemeteries.

Bring plenty of extra batteries for flashlights.

Bring matches, lighters and candles.

Aways bring a first aid kit.

Aways keep a thorough log of everything you do and make detailed notes of all activity.


Don't just take photos in front of you. Try taking pictures over your shoulder while walking (You never know who's following you)

While looking in one direction, quickly snap a photo in the opposite direction. This method of capturing something on film is usually quite effective.

Trust your feelings. If you feel something or someone else does, take a picture. If you think you saw something, take a picture.

If you have a 35mm and a digital camera, don't waste your 35mm film. Scout around the area with your digital camera, and if anything shows up, then take out your 35mm and snaps a few photos there.

Bring lots or backup batteries! You don't want to run out of juice in the middle of a hunt. Plus spirits have been known to drain full batteries of their power.

When getting your film developed, be sure to leave a note that you want all photos "as is". A lot of photo labs will only return photos that they see as quality images. So that very cool supercharged orb or that perfect ectoplasm, would just get thrown out.


It's best to set your camera up on a tripod during recording to keep the video steady.

Set your camera to manual focus and keep it focused on something nearby. If it's on auto focus, and something unusual comes into view, it will go nuts trying to focus in on it, and it usually won't be able to.. So you won't see what really went by.

Night Visions cameras are great for filming in the dark, also try using external infrared lights to increase viewing range.

If you are NOT using a night vision camera, turn on the cameras light. If the camera doesn't have a built in light, then just mount a flashlight on the camera and point it in the direction where you're filming.

Don't drag the camera around trying to get something on film. Let the spirits come to it. Set the camera up somewhere and just let it run. Then view the footage later on to see what you've gotten.



(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

It's best to use an external microphone when recording because using an internal mic will pick up the sounds of the recorder (gears turning, etc.) and having these sounds will make the tape worthless.

ALWAYS use new tapes to do your recording on. Using a used tape can cause unwanted results on playback.

The type of tape that is most often recommended is high bias tapes or metal tapes.

Talk in a normal tone of voice. Don't whisper! This could later on sound like a spirit. Make sure everyone talks clear and loud. This will make it easier to distinguish between a member of the group, and something that wasn't heard while recording, when you listen to the playback later.



These are one's that you usually walk around with. The reading will show the temperature of the place that you are standing. If the area you walk into is colder/hotter then another for unknown reasons, tell someone to take a photo. It may show something when developed.


These send out a laser beam and where the beam is placed, it will tell you the temperature of that surface.

When using a night vision camera, the laser dot will appear as a white glowing dot. Don't confuse it for something it's not.

EMF Meters

(Electro-Magnetic Field Meters)

If someone is getting unusual EMF readings in an area, (especially between 0 - 1 Milligauss) with no explainable reason found for the unusual readings, take photos/video/EVP/etc. You may capture something.

But be careful, because just about everything that runs on household electricity, as well as battery powered devices, radiate EMFs. You must keep a lookout during an investigation for sources that could be radiating electromagnetic energy. Scout out the area first to locate any sources that may cause EMF's, so while investigating you'll know where these are located.




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