"A Spirit I Have" - EVP's

From Our June 18, 2004 Investigation

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We have put a lot of thought into coming up with a Universal EVP Classification System and we urge other paranormal investigators to consider adopting it, because most groups either don't use a classification system at all or they use the old standard classification system, which we do not feel is nearly descriptive enough for all of the different types of EVP's we have encountered.

Our classification system has 3 parts (Class, Level & Catagory) as follows:


Class DC ( Direct Communication) = The voice clearly answered a question or directly responded to something said.
Class PC (Personal Communication) = The voice clearly says something meaningful directly to someone that is present.
Class RC ( Random Communication) = A voice that answers no direct question, does not appear to be aimed at any particualr person and doesn't make sense in the context it was received. Totally random. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level:

Level 1 = Loud, clear and easy to understand, sounds like natural speech (includes whispers and fast speech).
Level 2 = Lower volume and the voice is warped, but it is discernable.
Level 3 = Very low volume, hard to understand, excessively warped.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Catagory:

Morph = The voice and/or the words of someone who is speaking are changed into something else in the playback of the recording. Words that are different than the person spoke or one voice changing to another, etc.
ERV (Event Related Voices) = Events such as, someone talking or coughing or the sound of a passing car or train, etc. seemed to trigger the Electronic Voice Phenomenon.
TR (Thread Related) = One utterance is a comment on or a response to an utterance just before. They are related by contextual thread. Hearing two or more voices talking to each other or a voice responding to something previously said by itself and/or someone or "something" else.
CHR (Chorale) = Two or more voices are speaking at the same time, either saying the same thing or something different.

To this day, these EVP's remain some of the most incredibly vivid we have ever obtained!

We're Inside Your Home - "Child: Yeah.... Woman: What are you doing Jackie? Another woman (in a singing type voice): What do you think of me? Child: Bwah - Bwah - Bwah - Bwah! Woman: Please don't do that (the resident's dog whines) we're inside your home!"

You may not be able to hear it in the MP3 due to the loss of quality, but another incredible thing about the above EVP is that during the part where the woman says "Please don't do that", some sort of tribal or hindu chanting can be heard. It kind of sounds like an echoing "Hey - Yaw.... Hey - Yaw....".

Mother And Child - "Child: Is it day? Mother: Huh? Child: IS IT DAY? Mother: No, why? Child: And the sky's blue...."

40:10:26 Into The Video - (EVP) A woman's or a child's voice is heard on the video tape. It was also picked up on our cassette audio recorder as well. It seems to be saying, "Move!".

Strangely, the resident's dog had whined again RIGHT before this last EVP was captured. Could the dog hear all of this going on?


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